Milan Air Skin’s ergonomic new technology- nano technology enables you to feel the wind by maximizing the ventilation with more than 400 of air holes.


1. Super ultra thin nano new material

Milan’s nano skin new material that changed the history of Korean wig industry is just one tenth of the existing wig in its thickness, giving you very natural forehead hair line.


2. Super ultra thin nano skin’s comfort

Maximized ventilation gives you freshness, comfort and naturalness.


3. Air circulation dynamic -Airhole -tech

Nanoskin that realized user’s forehead hairline and skin color is applied with more than 400 of air holes. Comforts and freshness are completed with AIRHOLE-TECH. Airhole are designed in accordance with the air circulation dynamic effectively dry body heat and sweat.


4. Patent total attachment

Wearing wig, swimming, exercise, sauna, and sleep are all possible. Milan will keep you privacy.


5. Patent multi-free attachment

Solved the limitation of the existing wig of which shampooing could not be done. This multi free attachment enables you to swim, exercise, sauna, and sleep with easy attach and detach.


6.High quality new material, long lasting durability

FDA qualified new material lasts very long, and perfectly fit onto your skin.


7. Wig science of comforts.

Various attachments are applied in accordance with each customer’s hobby and everyday life style. After analyzing these factors, Milan advises you the best method available including clip type or tape type.


8. Special memory form material

Milan is different from the beginning. First time ever in Korea, Milan used special memory form material that exactly realizes the wearer’s head shape.


9.Real fitting system

Perfectly natural hair line is possible unlike synthetic wig.


10. Customer service

Thoroughly qualified professional hair stylists take full responsibility for your hair style.
Analyzing hair type, color and other characteristics, perfectly customized service is offered.


11. STC special coating 100 percent human hair is used.

Specially coating processed human hair that suits to color, type and quality of your hair. Unlike synthetic wig, perm, dyeing and blowing are available.