Introduction of the company


PT. Milan Indonesia was established in 2007. It was 100 percent invested from Milan Korea and now more than 1,500 employees are working with us. In 2010, our second plant was established. PT. Milan Indonesia is striving to introduce the best technology and create high quality products to suit our customers’ needs through steady R&D investment.
We will continue to put our efforts in listening to our customers and reflect their needs and wants as our ultimate goal is to offer the products that exceed their expectation.
Our company believes that honesty and integrity are always rewarded, so we strive to provide world class quality products and customer services.
Approximately 1,500 well-trained employees with special skills and equipment take responsibility for their work in PT. Milan Indonesia.
Customized hair system-makers, also known as knotting specialists, are truely rare these days since it requires years of training, skills and patience. These days, many wig companies and manufacturers are having difficult time finding skillful hair system-makers. But, PT. Milan Indonesia has secured enough human resources from building strong relationship with local community and schools. Based on systemized technology education, we are proud to boast our productivity and quality of product in the hair system industry.